72% of gamers play online and with so many devices making game play more available there are an increased number of games and applications to entertain. Some of the biggest gaming manufacturers are branching out into online and device applications to make sure they are the leaders of the market and to appeal to the audience that have increased gaming demands. Some of the most successful games such as Mecca Bingo, Angry Birds and Monopoly to name but a few are also available through smartphones and devices, such as tablets, as well as having popular online versions.

The Problem

There have been a staggering number of reports that apps that claim to be free are actually brimming with hidden charges and secret fees that lead to high costs for the user without them actually realising how much they are spending.


Apps are often free to download but the charges come as game play progresses and levels are completed. Additional extras become available, particularly features that will help the user complete the game. At times, the hidden fees are just a few pence and the user agrees to pay it not realising how much it will begin to add up to after repeated game play.

The Targets

Children are obsessed with technology and will often use their parents’ smartphones and devices to play some of the most appealing games. Children are unaware of the high costs of certain games and are buying features that will enable them to continue with game play, parents are not realising until they are being charged extortionate amounts.

60% of children aged between 8 and 11 years old regularly use gaming sites and applications. Parents are happy to hand over devices with little consideration of the hidden costs that children are paying. The modern child can easily navigate their way around technology and have no problem entering things such as passwords without the knowledge of the adult. Children are the main target for many gaming manufacturers as they see them as an opportunity for increased game play and the most likely demographic that will pay for the additional extras, adults are then the ones that are faced with the high bills accrued from online games and applications.

Mobile games generated $2.7 billion in 2012 despite a high percentage being ‘free’.


The Fears

Online gaming has soared in popularity in the last few years thanks to not only the number of devices that allow gaming to take place but for the improved formats of games that are available. There is now a very real concern about the amount of debt that is acquired from online gaming. Children are usually responsible for increased costs stemming from gaming applications yet adults are also finding themselves drawn into spending thousands of pounds of money they do not have simply to be temporarily entertained.

Reputable gaming sites are able to offer controls and monitoring to deter users from getting in over their heads but applications such as ‘free to play’ games are the real culprit as they encourage people to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on games that are labelled as free.

The Solution

Trading standards authorities have had to step in in a bid to reduce the number of people that are being tricked into the hidden gaming fees. There has been a call for stronger restrictions on the fees involved in game applications and any costs must be clear to ALL users so they are aware of the payments they are making. Parents are also being encouraged to check their child’s online activity regularly to prevent them from incurring unaffordable costs through game play.

Gaming sites are now obligated to NOT label themselves as free if they are not and there needs to be stronger guidelines in place to allow games to be enjoyed whilst making sure the user is aware of what it will cost them.

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By basic rule of thumb online casino’s are there in order to give you access to a real life casino feel while you bet with real money. Online Casino’s the same as that of the real-life casinos are actually made in order to give you entertainment with the thrills of betting. Which means it is not meant to be something that you make a living out of. However, there are some exceptional cases where we find people who are actually making money or actually making a living from Online Casinos. But then again it is really an exceptional case if you play in online casinos and use that as your way to make a living. Remember there are two sides to playing in casino’s its either you win or you lose. I guess what we are trying to say is that it is going to take huge skills in playing online casino before you can actually make money out of it and eventually make a living. However, that doesn’t mean that you cannot make a living from Online Casino’s well not by playing at least. Here are some ways on how you can cash in Online Casino’s.

1.       Join in Affiliate Programs – what is one thing that every online casino need? Or even every Website for that matter? Traffic! Traffic here means people that would visit their website. You may have a website but you got no traffic, then your casino is without any clients. This is why most if not all online Casinos are investing in gaining traffic to their website. They could either promote their site through social media, or maybe rank their websites in the first page of the search engine using common and powerful keywords, but most of them are going to take lots of time and money. This is why the online casino site has also resorted to putting up affiliate programs.

An affiliate program is kinda a profit sharing scheme where the online casino site would look for affiliate sites who are willing to drive some of their traffic to the online casino site by placing an ad or by linking the online casino site to the website of the affiliate. An Affiliate site could either be a blog that contains content that are relevant to online casinos’ it could be a blog that focuses on giving information about tips and tricks or how to’s in online casinos. So how do you earn? Make sure that you have a website with relevant content to online casino, gain traffic for your site then apply to an online affiliate casino website.

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